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March 18, 2009

Lake Como Running Routes

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Saturday we are at Lake Como, 8am!  Meet in the pavilion on the basement level in the Michael Glass room at 8am! 

The following are a few routes to check out.  1 lap around Lake Como is 1.6 miles.  If you are running long miles this weekend and are not sure you have someone to run with, please let me know.  I can buddy you up.  I do know some of the ladies in Carrie’s group are running 13 miles and some are running 10 miles at an average pace of 9-9:30 min/mile.  They plan to try out the 13 mile mapped route below and a few of them live in the area so they know the way.  I will be sticking to the lake trail with new members as we have many starting this Saturday.

Here are the routes:

This route below is a big loop, about 4.2 miles.  It is a perfect loop for an 8 miler.  You could also run 1 big loop for 4.2 miles and then run around Lake Como one more time for 6 miles.  Another option is to run the loop without Lake Como 2x for a 7 miles.  Remember all mileage is approximate given I am not a precise mapper! 

03/18/2009 Route
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The 13 mile route takes you from Como over to Lake McCarrons over to Central Park and back to Como.  Do not run this route alone if you do not know the area, you will get lost.

Como 13
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The route below is an 8 miler but again, only plan this route if you run with someone who knows the area or is good with maps.  If you are unsure, plan to run the 4.2 mile loop twice (the map for the 4.2 mile loop is the first one on this blog).

Como Central
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